Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is a developing area rapid change work that explores the area of undesired emotions and our ways of being.


The process explores the question, "How did we learn to feel the way that we do?" and opens up the possibility of creating the appropriate change in our emotional lives.


You can learn to be an IEMT Practitioner in just 2 days. Courses are held in London Bridge, London.


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Client demonstration of IEMT

The client had reported she was suffering from childhood traumas. 


As you can see, no content about the memories is ever discussed. 


Since the session the client reported that the disturbing memories now seem much further away and don't bother her. As a result she is much calmer in day to day life.

    Who uses IEMT?

    EMDR therapists :: coaches :: mental health professionals :: counsellors :: hypnotherapists :: nurses :: doctors :: psychotherapists :: psychologists :: chiropractors :: dentists :: and many more

    After taking Matt's IEMT workshop, I learned a simple technique which allowed me to pass a driving test, that I couldn't on the previous 15 attempts.


    I had a psychological block bought on by a traumatic past event,

    and using this technique, made it easy to pass.


    Anyway Matt's good!

    Elsie Andrade

    Associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co

    I work in education and coaching and have had some great results from.working with my students after doing the training with Matt.


    As the group is kept fairly small you have the opportunity to ask your questions as well as Matt being open to chatting throughout the two days.


    Matt is an entertaining speaker and it's certainly an excellent couple of days to learn the basics of the IEMT technique.

    Martin McNally

    Teacher and Coach

    Matt came to speak at my event, and demonstrated some simple IEMT techniques to an audience who had never done it before.


    In the space of a short talk, he achieved amazing results, helping people to get over upsetting events or traumas very quickly and simply. I had a first hand experience of his demonstration and it took me by surprise as to how effective this was.


    I would wholeheartedly recommend Matt for both IEMT and speaking to inspire groups

    Sheila Aly


    Matt has a great presentation style that puts his audiences at ease and makes learning fun and interactive. I attended the course because I wanted to integrate IEMT into my existing therapy practice and didn't expect the profound personal shifts that I experienced from participating in the IEMT exercises.


    I will going forward be using IEMT as my main therapeutic modality in my private practice. I would recommend Matt's IEMT course to any therapist or coach wanting to add an elegant tool to their therapy toolbox.

    Matthew Milligan


    I attended Matt's IEMT training course as I wanted to incorporate this therapy into my business. Matt's inimitable, quirky style made for a fun weekend. However, don't be fooled, Matt really does know his stuff and has the ability to impart a wealth of knowledge and experience in a lively and interesting way.


    Matt is one of life's true characters so take his humour with a pinch of salt and be prepared to be challenged, excited and occasionally perplexed. I can highly recommend the weekend

    Jacqui Rosser

    Performance coach

    I had experienced the amazing benefits of IEMT from a talk given by Matt earlier in 2018. I was curious and wanted to find out more of this technique so I enrolled on the practitioner course. In the course, which was laced with practical exercises, demonstrated the effectiveness and the broad range of applications to human behaviour.


    I was so taken by the technique resulting from Matt’s course and now I have an IEMT practice.

    Dr Michael Oon

    Author and speaker

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are all the questions you may have about IEMT. Please click on the question to get the answer.

    If you have further questions, please get in contact.

    What is IEMT? 

    What does IEMT actually do? 

    What is Emotional Imprinting 

    What is Identity Imprinting? 

    What can IEMT be used for? 

    What is the difference between IEMT and EMDR?



    To learn IEMT

    • It is brief changework

      It works amazingly fast! In just one session you can create incredible change within a client.

    • It is content free

      Work with clients without them having to go into “their story” or any details.

    • Simplicity

      It is simple to learn and apply.

    • Highly flexible

      It can be used on a range of issues such as anxiety, PTSD, negative memories and unwanted emotions.

    • Works well with others

      It complements other therapies and coaching. You can use IEMT with other models to achieve amazing results.

    • Quick to learn

      It only take one weekend to learn. No long term dedication needed.

    • Be part of a growing community  

      IEMT therapists are dedicated to helping each other and getting the best results for clients.

    • No previous certification is required

      You don’t have to have any prior training in therapy in order to attend and qualify as a practitioner.

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